Halloween Miracle

Usually you don’t hear the words miracle and Halloween associated together. Christmas miracle or Easter miracle is much more common. This year the miracles started early.

This last week I have been sick. Very Sick! I spent a few days doing nothing but sleeping.  My sinuses were so clogged I could not breathe. I rarely miss work but this week I missed both Thursday and Friday. Sunday morning came around and there was no substantive improvement. I sounded like I had been eating a jar of mustard. Maybe the ghost of James Earl Jones possessed my vocal box.

This wouldn’t normally be a problem but, this morning I was to sing in the ward choir and even had a duet. Myself and one other brother were the only ones that would be singing at one point in the song. Poor brother Harper had no idea that he would be singing with the white version of Michael Duncan.

I went to the chapel 1/2 hour before sacrament meeting. Some other members of the choir were there and we all practiced together.  My voice didn’t improve during practice and I was concerned that I would not be able to hit the high notes. Shucks, I was worried that I wouldn’t hit any notes or be able to sing at all.

The congregation was gathering and practice time was over. I sat down in the pew, soon to be joined by my family, and prayed – prayed hard. I asked sincerely that I would be able to share the spirit through song. The meeting began and my prayers continued.

The Bishopric member conducting thanked the previous speaker and announced the musical number. Every step up to the stand contained a separate prayer. I took my position on the stand outside the other choir members and next to Brother Harper. The director’s hands raised and the piano rang clear through the chapel. I opened my mouth and… instead of legions of bullfrogs I heard cherubic tones penetrate the air. I am sure that anyone watching me closely would have had a good chuckle at the look of puzzlement on my face. My mouth was open, breath was escaping, my vocal cords were vibrating but, I was listening, not singing. The vocals I heard were coming from slightly behind my even though no one was there.

We finished the song. I stepped down from the stand with gratitude and humility. When sacrament meeting was over I had several people come up to me and say how beautiful the song was and especially the duet. They said, “It was like angels were singing. ” I croaked back in a froggy voice, “More than you know.”

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