Simple Steps to Upload a Family Photo to the Ward Directory on LDS.org

How to upload a family photo to the www.LDS.org website.

  1. Log in to https://lds.org/SSOSignIn/ (See the How to “Create an Account” section if you are a first time user)
    Sign in to your LDS account.
  2. Once you are signed in, click on “Tools” and then select “Directory”
    LDS.org Directory Option
  3. Select “My Household”. You may wonder, “Why not just pick the ‘Upload Photos’ option?” The “Upload Photos” option also works but it is a little more work than you would think.
    LDS.org My Household
  4. Click on “Edit Profile”.
    LDS.org Edit Profile Button
  5. You will see a screen that looks similar to this. You can change your personal information as well as upload photos from this screen. For photos click on the “Choose File” button for the household or for an individual.
    LDS.org Household Info
  6. This dialogue will pop-up. Read the guidelines and click “Continue”.
    LDS.org Upload Guidelines
  7. Click on the “Select photo” button. All photos will be re-sized to fit automatically.
    LDS.org Select Photo Dialogue
  8. At this point you can upload one or more photos. At minimum upload a photo of your family, but you can also upload individual photos by repeating this process for each family member.
    LDS.org File Selected for Upload
  9. Your photo will show up in the next dialogue box. Once you have the appropriate photo, click the “Upload Now” button.
    LDS.org Single Photo Upload Dialogue
  10. Once the file(s) are uploaded they will display a green circle.
    LDS.org Photo Uploaded Green Circle
  11. The photo will be uploaded and appear next to the household or family member. It will also be submitted for a member of the bishopric to approve. The approval process is fairly quick but if it doesn’t show just ping me and I will add it.
    LDS.org Uploaded File Thumbnail
  12. The last step is SMILE, because you are done.


Curtis J. Morley

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