Locked INSIDE my house.

You ask, “How can this happen?” Don’t most people get locked out of their houses? Yes most people do lose keys and get locked out. This is actually the fourth time that this has happened at our house. Nicole, had just walked out into the garage with Malia and was trying to get back in. She thought that I was playing a joke on her by locking her out. For us we have had a string of faulty locks. The front door lock I have replaced twice and the doorknob to the garage I have also replaced once before. I unscrewed the casing and saw that some of the metal pieces had broken in two. Because, the pieces inside snapped I had to disassemble (ok, break it apart) it from the inside. The whole escapade only took an hour. I will go to Home Depot and exchange it tomorrow.


Hooray, I’m free.

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