I Have the Cutest Kids in the World… No, Seriously the Cutest.

Cutest Kids in the World

I love my kids. They are not only cute by appearance but their personalities are truly adorable. The youthful innocence they keep is beautiful. This week, mostly on Tuesday, we shared a couple of experiences that kept me in stitches.


Malia – Previously in the week she had hounded, my beautiful wife, Nicole to see if she could have a toy cell phone when they were at the store. During breakfast on Tuesday, Malia remembered the cell phone. “Mom can I have my cell phone now?”, she asked. Nicole responded sweetly, “As soon as you do some jobs for me, like I told you.” Malia beamed brightly back, “Mom, I did my jobs. I brushed my teeth and ate breakfast and said my prayers and played with Kate and watched Scooby Doo and gave hugs.”

We all laughed at her beautiful young perspective. For her, the things that fill her day are her jobs. How would it be if all we had to do each day was brush our teeth, say our prayers, and give hugs.

Brooke and Isaac – This same day, a few minutes later, Brooke and Isaac loaded into my car so I could take them to school. They were having a small argument about wether our not we had taken our dog Nala on vacation with us. Brooke tried to deny that she had said something so I started to sing an impromptu song in my goofy way, “Being wrong, oh it’s ok, as long as you don’t roll in the hay.” Isaac jumped in excitedly, “I want to roll in the hay! That sounds fun!” Brooke immediately retorted, “No you don’t, there are needles in it.”

Needles in haystacks, rolling in the hay, and jobs for kids kept me in stitches. Now you know why I have the Cutest Kids in the World!

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