Happy Birthday Love

Today is a great day for several reasons, Nicole’s birthday, Christmas eve, and noone has any new cavities (That last one was input from Isaac). We love you, Nicole and are so grateful for you. Here is what the kids think of their beautiful mother.


I Love you Mom. Have a funtastic day. You look beautiful when u r tan.


Hey Mom I want to let you know that I am very grateful for you and all you do, even when I am not so good. I love you mom.


Mom I just want to let you know when I am your age I want to look as good as you, love Brooke.


I love you. You are the best mom. Please go to my blog and checkout it out and post a comment on it happy Bday I love you.


Happy Birthday Mom. Giving you presents was fun. Thanks for always tucking me in at night and laying with me. Your face is pretty. I LOVE YOU!!!


Roooof, Roof

Me :

I love you. Thank you for your years of love. Thank you for not only putting up with me but helping me be a better man. You are beautiful in so many ways. You keep getting
.better looking with age.


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