Sabbath Learning – Louisiana Covenant Marriage Law

1970 states started enacting No-fault divorce laws. In only five years the divorce rate across the country rose 40%. In 1997 Louisiana, in an effort to reverse the trend, created the covenant marriage law. Couples could then choose a contract marriage and covenant marriage. A covenant marriage requires that that the couple gets counseling from a religious leader or certified marriage counselor before the marriage.¬† It also requires that the couple exhaust every possible means to keep the marriage together should conflict arise before a divorce. In the case of divorce for a covenant marriage in¬†Louisiana, the law actually reads, “…and subsequent to the parties obtaining counseling.” Only after having counseling can the petition for divorce be filed. The conditions for a divorce are much more stringent than a contract marriage. Only for things like adultery, abuse, felony, abandonment etc… can be the grounds of divorce. Reconcilable differences aren’t good enough with a covenant marriage. It doesn’t matter if you get bored or get sick of your spouse it is much more than that.

So what is the difference between a contract marriage and a covenant marriage. What is a contract? What is a covenant?

A contract is an agreement set up to keep two people honest and in check. One of my lawyer friends says frequently that his job is to see everything that is going to go bad and plan for the best case when it does.

A covenant is a promise between two people. Instead of planning for the relationship to dissolve a covenant is set up to promise to each other that everything will be done to keep the marriage together.

What was the impact? According to a Gallup poll the effect of the covenant marriage law passing in Louisiana:

  • 63% believe that covenant marriages will strengthen family life
  • 59% believe that covenant marriages will last longer that regular marriages
  • 58% believe that they will be better for children
The only trouble with the Louisiana law is that it only accounts for this life. What about the next life?
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