Have You Ever Seen Christ?

My son Isaac bore his first solo testimony today in sacrament meeting shortly after his sister Brooke did the same. It was short & very sweet. He testified,

“I’d like to bear my testimony. I know this church is true. I know my dad loves me. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.”

He jumped off the riser behind the podium and hurried back down to our pew. I lifted him onto my lap while wrapping him in my arms. He pressed his head into my chest and hugged me tightly. “Dad, I was nervous” he smiled up at me. I told him, “That is what makes you brave, doing something even though you are nervous about it.” Another smile showed his acknowledgment & appreciation.

After several minutes of being warmly embraced in my arms, he looked up and reverently asked, “Dad have you ever seen Jesus.” This wasn’t the first time that I was asked this question. The first time I was asked I was standing on a hand paved brick sidewalk just past a large bridge in Kushiro, Japan.

Isaac’s intentions were pure and earnest. The Japanese man that asked many years ago had a different purpose. I was a missionary and had stopped him on the street to talk about the gospel and Jesus Christ. Most Japanese are unfamiliar With Christ or his teachings. This man however, had learned enough to know of Christ but held an aethiests beliefs. As I bore testimony that the Savior did live and still lives the man interrupted me with, “How do you KNOW he lives?” followed quickly by, “When was the last time you saw Christ?”

The question caught me slightly off guard and regardless how hard I tried I could not remember the pre-existence. As I was thinking of a reply the spirit spoke softly to my heart. I had seen Christ recently. That morning in fact. I saw Christ in my mission companion when he shined my shoes for me. I had seen Christ in the face of an investigator as he submitted his will to the Father and accepted a challenge to follow the gospel. I see Christ every time I look into my mother’s eyes and see her love for me.

I shared the feelings which the Holy Ghost had lighted upon my heart with this man. It was clear by looking into his face that his combative heart had become softened. He had no response but instead turned and walked away.

This memory flashed through my heart and mind when my sweet child looked into my eyes and asked the same question I had been asked 16 years before. I gazed back into his eyes and replied, “I see Christ in your face and your sisters when you bear your testimony.  I see Christ in Momma when she gives you hugs and we can see Christ in everyone if we take the time to look.”




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