I Remember

I remember feeling how fast the elevator sped as I traveled up to the observation deck.
I remember thinking, “What a wonder New York, this city that I live in,  is.”
I remember the “ding” of the elevator as it reached it’s destination.
I remember the smile on the face of a friendly security guard who stood watch.
I remember examining the chess board that sat in solitariness awaiting the next moves from Kasparov and Big Blue.
I remember standing on the top floor of the slender giant and feeling the gentle careening of the building as the wind blew so high above the city.

I remember the frantic call that said, “Turn on the T.V.!”
I remember the disbelief at seeing the plume of smoke from the building I had once ascended.
I remember the papers and debris floating down to the ash covered street.
I remember calling everyone I knew and telling them to turn on their televisions.
I remember how time slowed to a still as the second plane was spotted in the air.
I remember the moment of impact.
I remember the ball of flames a city block wide.

I remember thinking about my friends in NYC.
I remember naming them each individually and wondering where they were at that very moment.
Manal, Greg, EJ, John, Dave, Milena & Greg, Melanie, Stacie, Tracie,  Annette, Mark, Kathy, and many others

I remember the horror that gripped me as some chose to jump to their death rather than be subjected to it by fire.
I remember the collapse of 2 WTC.
I remember how 9 seconds of the collapse played through my mind so slowly every detail was etched into my memory.
I remember the collapse of 1 WTC.
I remember the void that was left in the sky and in my heart after the plume of smoke blew to the side.
I remember the confusion on my twin boys faces as the twin towers fell.
I remember the disbelief I felt in my soul and saw on my wifes face.
I remember estimating the number of people that could be trapped beneath the rubble.
I remember the grief I bore.
I remember seeing the ghosts of heroes walking and running out of the dust.
I remember how the tears felt on my cheek.

I remember the pentagon.
I remember the field and flight 93.
I remember the prayers I offered for those grieving, for children who’s worlds had been shattered.
I remember the prayers for the firemen, the policemen, the soldiers.

I remember the sadness of knowing that no one would be able to look over the city from there again.

I remember the brotherhood of New Yorkers.
I remember the forgiveness of Americans
I remember the renewal of patriotism.
I remember the unity of this nation.
I remember the resolve of a free people.
I remember the presidents words “Terrorism against our nation will not stand”.
I remember what we are fighting for.


I still remember



I still pray




. (Patriotic Video) (Please Remember Me) (15 yr old Lizzie Palmer’s Video)

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