What is Eternal?

My first post here on is driven by a conversation I had with my twins before they left for Washington.  The conversation was around adapting and acclimating to different situations.  They are currently in Washington without any of us in a very unfamiliar and often uncomfortable environment.

Over the last month and a half they have had a new environment to adapt to weekly.  I commented on how they acclimated very well to each of the situations which included Scout Camp, Family Reunion, Hiking the Tallest Mountain in Utah, Football Camp, Vacation 150 miles from home with extended family, My wifes best friend and her family staying with us for a week, etc…

So I asked the twins, “Why do you think you emotionally acclimatize so well to all of these different situations and environments?”  They determined that it was because they always know they are coming home when it is over and things don’t change at home.  Hearing the boys say so was very nice.  I continued the conversation by saying, “One day (not soon) Mom and I will pass away.  What about when Mom and Dad are not here anymore and things are not the same and stable like they are now?”  Austin caught on right away and Taylor was right behind.

From this point I challenged them to read their scriptures every day while in Washington and to try and find all references to  things that never change that are stable and relate to returning home.

I told them that when they return home in a few weeks that after I give them a big hug and kiss that we could sit down, talk and share what they found and the experiences that they had.

In preparation of them coming home I have listed the items that I have found Scriptural or Prophetic reference to being eternal

  • God
  • The Atonement
  • Charity
  • Agency
  • Truths Taught by the Master

We are surrounded by frustrations and advances in thought and learning which raise questions and doubts. These seem to drag men down and destroy faith and morality. Where, then, is hope in this world of frustration and moral decay? It lies in the knowledge and understanding of the truths taught by the Master, which must be taught by the Church of Christ without deviation and believed in and lived by its membership. These are eternal truths and will be so in perpetuity regardless of changing circumstances in society, development of new scientific achievements, or increase of man’s knowledge.
Howard W. Hunter Ensign  January 1974

  • Truth is eternal and never changing

I believe we can be modern and enjoy the fruits of a modern world and its high standard of living, and I believe we can have the benefits of modern scholarship and scientific advances without turning to the theories of the modernist. I believe the principles of the gospel announced by the Savior in his personal ministry were true when they were given and are true today. Truth is eternal and never changing, and the gospel of Jesus Christ is ever contemporary in a changing world.
Howard W. Hunter Ensign  January 1974

  • The Spiritual Body
    And remember the spiritual body of man is eternal. When a person dies, there really is just a separation of the spirit from the physical body. The physical body is lifeless, but the spirit lives on, hopefully for all the blessings promised for those who have used their agency to choose the standards established by our Father in Heaven.
    James M. Paramore,  Hold On!, Ensign February 2002
  • Knowledge
  • The Gospel
  • Gender
  • Marriage (based on righteousness)
  • God’s Judgement
  • God’s Mercy
  • Fatherhood / Motherhood
  • Our Indebtedness to God
  • The path to return to God
    There is but one sure and certain way: return to God! And that must include a sincere acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ, with full obedience to his precepts.
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